Child Support

No matter what the circumstances are that led to filing for divorce, the situation is most often difficult and stressful. As the couple, each individual is trying to get through the filing and start their life anew. When children are involved, the process becomes even more muddied. Arguments are rampant, and decisions can be hard to make as the parents may not see eye to eye on certain circumstances. This is where we come in. Attorney Amanda Dowgiert is an experienced child support lawyer in NH and has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with assistance when it comes to child support needs.

We focus on helping to arrange a quality child support plan, to ensure the children in your family are well taken care of. Our attorneys can assist in creating child support arrangements and laying out the responsibilities of each parent. When a divorce occurs, legal assistance is needed to ensure the process runs smoothly, with the needs of every individual met.

New Hampshire Child Support Guidelines


In the state of New Hampshire, Child Support Guidelines have been established that help to determine the amount to be paid as well as by whom. When you have minor children from a marriage that is dissolved, you may be entitled to child support. The Guidelines created will calculate full child support, this involves situations where children will be living with one parent more than another.

When children will be living with both parents equally, then the child support plan will be calculated differently. This can also happen when you have high costs for the child such as with educational expenses or health needs. Additional factors are also considered including when stepparents are involved, stepchildren, or low income/high income of the parents.

With our help, we can consider all factors and ensure you are receiving the right amount of child support or paying an amount that you can afford. Whether you are seeking support or are being asked to pay, we can help. Our attorneys are experts in handling divorce cases involving child support. We know the laws and can easily assist in helping you create a plan that will work for everyone involved.

Changes or Enforcement


After the divorce is final and child custody has been applied, payments need to be made according to the agreement. Changes can be made over time if there are circumstances that come in to play such as the higher cost for the care of the child or income issues involving the parent paying or receiving child support. When you have modifications that need to be made we can help. Our attorneys can easily review your child support agreement and new circumstances to see what your options are.

We also work to help enforce payments when the parent responsible for paying is not doing so. When payments are behind, you have a legal right to seek compensation. Our team is happy to assist when your child support payments are not being made.

Whether you are filing for child custody or need help form a child support lawyer with your existing plan, contact our office today.

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