With a concentration on divorce and family law, the law offices of Amanda Dowgiert can provide you with legal representation in several areas, including alimony. If you are experiencing a divorce in the state of New Hampshire and seeking alimony, we can help. There are set guidelines in place involving alimony that must be reviewed for every single divorce case. Every couple’s situation is different so while one case might have one consideration apply, the next case will be completely different. Our law office takes a one-on-one approach, reviewing every aspect of your divorce case to ensure you are given the alimony you deserve.

Alimony Calculations

The court will take several factors under consideration when reviewing potential alimony payments. Either spouse has the right to ask for alimony from the other. When trying to determine alimony requests, the court will review certain aspects of the marriage including:

  • Length
  • Age of each individual
  • The health of each individual
  • Occupation of both parties
  • The fault of divorce by both parties
  • Federal tax consequences of the divorce order
  • The contribution of each individual financially

The individual who is seeking alimony will need to show a sufficient lack of income or property, unable to provide for themselves. The individual who is asked to make the alimony payment will need to be able to meet their own needs before being able to support the other individual.

What is Alimony?

The term alimony is used to describe a court-ordered payment of support by one spouse to the other after a legal separation or divorce. Residents in New Hampshire often wonder if there are laws that allow for alimony in the state. The state’s Circuit Court-Family Division is willing to order alimony payments if one spouse needs support and the other has the ability to provide it.

With our help, we can provide you with the right path to take when seeking alimony payments. We know that a divorce can be difficult to go through and you may not have been expecting your spouse to leave. When they do, you are left with bills to pay and may be in need of support. Let our experienced team of divorce attorneys provide you with the much-needed knowledge of state laws to ensure you receive fair support.

We can help you by reviewing your individual case, taking a look at financial needs on your side as well as reviewing the financial contributions of your spouse. We can then determine the proper amount of alimony to seek, working to build a case in your favor.

When it comes to divorce and alimony needs, the law office of Amanda Dowgiert is ready to work for you. Let our experienced attorneys lead you down the difficult path of divorce. We have vast experience in this area of law. Attorney Dowgiert is ready to review your case and get to work. Call today to schedule a consultation. 

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